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  1. Yes or no?
    1. Maybe
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?
    1. A reasonable reform of NFA and import-related restrictions to recover civil rights that are being infringed on by the US government
  3. Why such a limited set of changes?
    1. To be frank, I believe that NFA weaponry is analogous to concealed carry a decade or two ago.  At the time, "everyone" believed that even the limited concealed carry bills would lead to shootouts in the street.  It didn't happen, and now there is far more public acceptance of such bills.  Similarly, I believe we need to straighten out the NFA restrictions so that we can show people that it's not going to lead to AK-47s sprayed from the hip on every city block.  As people gain exposure I believe we will build support for further rollback of existing restrictions.
  4. What about other areas?
    1. Other areas need work too, but they're not where I'm spending my effort, as there are plenty of other actors in the Title 1 domain.
  5. Why a sample bill?
    1. To have a baseline for discussion - having a concrete set of ideas makes it easier to discuss pros/cons of the baseline set, bring in specific changes, and the like.  I'd rather argue about getting the right proposal and get concrete counter-proposals than go off on half-baked tangents.
    2. To have a bill to send in with letters to politicians - the most common resopnse from any politician is going to be "I appreciate your concern and would like you to know I support {your cause here} and continue to look for future options for support", or something similar.  A concrete proposal for a bill lets you press your politicians more - "Will you introduce this bill on its own or as an amendment?  Why or why not?  What would you change?"  Since bills and amendments become part of the congressional record, this is something one can actually track and confront a legislator on.
  6. Do you actually think this will work?
    1. I hope so.  But in any case, I've seen enough people mad about the '86 FOPA Hughes Amendment vote and Shotgun/DD related sillyness to know that there's plenty of interested parties out there.  I do believe that if we can focus and lobby Congress that we have a chance.